Meet the Team




Rakesh Morjaria


Mr Morjaria is a partner at the firm. He has been practising law for approximately 16 years. He qualified as a Duty Solicitor in 2000 and remains a prominent figure, having developed a substantial client following over the years. He set up the firm in partnership with Anita Mehta in 2003, initially focusing on Criminal Defence work. As a persuasive advocate he is known to produce outstanding results before the court and is regarded highly amongst his clients and peers.

He is experienced in all aspects of criminal litigation but specialises in particular in the area of motoring offences. Whether it is exceptional hardship, challenging the drink drive procedure or technical defences Mr Morjaria has a proven track record in obtaining the best result for his clients in this specialised area.

Mr Morjaria’s experience is not limited to Crime. He trained in Civil Litigation and Immigration, with a high degree of experience in business matters and financial resolutions.

His principle focus over the last few years has been in criminal defence, motoring and family financial proceedings. His ultimate focus always being to achieve the most desired outcome for each individual client. More recently Mr Morjaria developed and gained substantial experience in family financial matters and resolution hearings.


Anita Mehta


An exceptional advocate who has many years of experience of appearing as an advocate in court at all levels. Her approach to litigation is to approach cases on a practical, compassionate and realistic setting, ensuring the best outcome is reached. She has a meticulous eye for details and prepares her cases with passion whilst never losing sight of the best interest of the clients she is representing. Anita is one of the founding partners at the practice, having become both a Supervising Solicitor and a Duty Solicitor very early on in her career. She conducts all in house training and is responsible for many aspects of the running of the practice. She is a Higher Rights Advocate who enjoys helping clients receive a just outcome in their case.


Anita encourages a collaborative approach to family cases, especially those involving young children. Her focus is to ensure that the parties never lose sight of the real issues in their case, which means that cases are concluded speedily and effectively.


Her pedantic approach to divorce and private Child Act proceedings along with the compassion she is able to deliver whilst dealing often emotional clients in very difficult circumstances, ensure clients feel well informed and secure in the knowledge that their best interests are being adequately protected.








Sajid Munir


Sajid joined the firm in 2011 having trained and worked in London for a number of years. He trained principally in Criminal law and Immigration.


Sajid has experience in dealing with very serious offences, which have been designated as Very High Costs Cases. Having qualified as a solicitor he came to the firm and qualified as a Duty Solicitor. He is also a Higher Court advocate. He has developed a reputation as a knowledgeable and trusted advocate.


He also practices Immigration law and is able to help and advise and assistance on a range of issues. See the Immigration services section detailing the ways in which we can help.



Mike Diez


Mike joined the firm in 2007. He qualified as a police station accredited representative during which he gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. He subsequently qualified as a Solicitor and his practice has continued to grow.


Mike is a Duty Solicitor with experience of handling a whole range of cases, from road traffic offences through to murder and other death related offences. He has been the conducting Solicitor in several high profile cases which have received both national and international press coverage.


Known for his client skills, hard work and attention to detail, he provides comprehensive representation to all those accused of crimes.



Alan Mee

Alan has qualified as a Solicitor in 1993. Alan joined the firm in 2016. He specialises in criminal litigation and advocacy. He is also a Duty Solicitor.  His experience covers all types and level of cases. He handles high profile and complex cases.

Before becoming a Solicitor Alan was a union representative and then was a teacher. He is able to use his wealth of experience and knowledge he has acquired enables him to have a more caring approach to client's needs. He is very thorough and has a keen eye for detail in all his cases.