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Our Family department provides advice and representation in Family and Divorce cases. We deal with the following matters:

- Disputes over children
- Divorce
- Financial Settlements


Whether your case is better resolved through negotiation, conciliation, or through contested hearings we are with you every step of the way to achieve the best possible result. We work with you, setting out all our costs, in a transparent way whilst fully explaining all your options. This could include:

- One off consultation and case review
- Assisting you behind the scenes
- Full representation, including litigation
- Assisting with Mediation

We pride ourselves in offering clients the benefit of our technical expertise. We understand that through accessibility and a compassionate approach our client’s will receive a high standard of service.

Disputes over children

Often when relationships break down there are issues in relation to the care of children, which require a high degree of sensitivity and discretion. This often involves, but is not limited to the time a child spends with each of his or her parents or family members (by order made by the court or by agreement), school arrangements and a parent who wishes to move abroad with a child.

We work with you to find a workable solution that puts children at the forefront and serves their best interest. Every case has unique circumstances and we listen in order to find the best solution for all parties. Our solicitors have gained considerable experience over the years working with clients and their families. No matter how complex, we will always seek to gain a clear understanding of the issues before seeking a child-focused, practical and workable solution.

We strive to resolve matters by agreement (through mediation or the collaborative process) but often it must be resolved through the court process. In those circumstances we are here to support you through the court process and ensure that your views are heard and considered by the court. We are happy to represent you at all court levels as our advocates are extremely able, consientious and are able to empathise with how difficult proceedings can be.


The breakdown of a relationship is always a difficult time due to emotions running very high. We work closely with you to find a constructive and practical solution. The process can seem confusing and daunting but our client’s rely on our open and clear advice in the face of complex situations. Whether you are in a civil partnership, living with a partner, or require advice as to the most appropriate country for proceedings to take place we can advise and assist to find the best possible approach.

Financial Settlements

We are experienced in resolving difficult financial claims between divorcing couples. We are able to provide clear and constructive advice to resolve matters and we make all attempts to keep matters amicable and lines of communication open with the other party. Complex Finnacial Proceedings will benefit from early advice and support which will be provided by the advocates at the practice or by Counsel we will instruct on your behalf should the need arise.