The firm has specialised in Criminal law since its inception, representing individuals and businesses charged with criminal offences. Our advocates demonstrate in every case an in depth understanding of Criminal law with a methodical approach to evidence that is recognised by clients and amongst the profession.

We work with you from the very beginning and where possible seek to prevent a charge altogether. If you are charged with an offence and appear before the court you will find our solicitors fighting your corner every step of the way.

The firm takes on cases, whether they are motoring offences (see below) or serious crime, and deals with them to the highest standard. See our news and events section for a sample of our notable cases.

If a family member or friend has been arrested we can be contacted 24 hours a day on our emergency number for advice and assistance. Or if you have been bailed by the police and need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us with a free initial appointment and open advice to help you during this difficult time. We can help arrange a voluntary interview with the police in order to avoid the need for arrest altogether. Our Emergency Number is 07958 720 721. Our full office details can be found in the Contact Us section.

You can also see a sample of our notable cases by clicking here.


At the firm we have a team of lawyers who specialise in all aspects of motoring and road traffic law. Even though we are based in Leicester we are often instructed to advise and represent throughout the country. We assist in relation to all driving offences including:

- no insurance / no licence
- using a mobile phone
- speeding
- failure to provide driver details
- passing a red light
- drink driving
- failing to provide a specimen for analysis
- drive whilst disqualified
- careless driving
- dangerous driving
- causing death by careless or dangerous driving

We aim to offer a fixed fee in relation to our costs in order to minimise any concerns at a worrying time, when there is a risk of disqualification. We can be contacted 24 hours a day on our emergency number at 07958 720 721 for access to initial advice from one of our experienced lawyers.

As criminal defence specialists, if you find that you the police seek to interview we can make the necessary arrangements for it to be done at a convenient time on a voluntary basis. With experience of dealing with the police we aim to put you in the best possible position at the inception of the case.
In other circumstances it may be more beneficial to make representations to the prosecution in order to consider whether it would be in the public interest to continue.

Risk of Disqualification

If you find yourself at risk of a “totting up” disqualification we can help by making an application to the court for exceptional hardship. This involves considerable case preparation in order to be able to put before the court the relevant facts to support any application. Our lawyers are highly experienced in the making of exceptional hardship applications and have a high success rate.

Alternatively, an application can be made to the court to consider ‘special reasons’ in order to prevent the imposition of points or a disqualification. For example, if a motorist was driving over the prescribed limit of alcohol, but drinks had been spiked or there was a short distance driven (in certain circumstances) we are able to successfully argue that the court should not disqualify on the basis of special reasons. We are able to obtain expert reports, where necessary, in order to support the case.

Other examples of special reasons could include going through a red light due to an emergency involving taking someone to hospital or driving uninsured due to an error by the insurance company. We take the initiative to collect all the evidence and where necessary take steps to conclude matters without the need to attend court. In particular, where an insurance company is at fault we are able to liaise with the relevant company who we have been able to get to accept their fault and confirm that they insured on the relevant date.