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Some of our cases


This is a small sample of cases, indicating the type of work we have done over the years.


2014 (completed)
R -v- N.F. – Client charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, as part of an organised gang, who targeted G4S security vans. The evidence involved extensive cell site analysis (Reported in Press).
R -v- A.W. – Client charged with death by dangerous driving, drive whilst disqualified, no licence, no insurance and driving whilst over the prescribed legal limit (Reported in Press).


R -v- J.C. – The client was one of four charged with the murder of an inmate, whilst in prison. He was acquitted following trial (Reported in press).
R -v- B.M. – The client was alleged to have breached director’s obligations involving several of millions of pounds.
R -v- D.M. – This was an allegation of sexual grooming of a 14 year old girl. It was one of the prosecutions mounted as a result of ‘Stinson Hunter’. The Crown offered no evidence (Reported in press).
R -v- P.M. – The defendant was one of seven arrested and subsequently charged with conspiracy to defraud. It was an allegation of an organised group who targeted cash points in the Midlands area in order to obtain bank cards and pin numbers. (Reported in press).
A.F. – Represented husband and wife who were arrested over the shooting of burglars who entered their isolated farm house. Neither were subsequently charged in connection with the shooting (Reported in press).


R -v- P.P. – The client was charged with conspiracy to defraud. This was an allegation involving an extensive mortgage fraud over a prolonged period.
R -v- M.H. – The client was tried for an allegation of the murder of a former policeman.
R -v- H.S. – An allegation of murder; following an incident of road rage.
R -v- L.M. – The client was alleged to have been involved in an aggravated burglary at knife point. The prosecution alleged that the client had been targeting drug dealers. He was acquitted after trial.

R -v- J.G. – The client was tried for murder. He was acquitted of murder but convicted of manslaughter following trial.
R -v- A.W. – The client was alleged to rape his victim at gunpoint. The sentence was subsequently appealed by the Attorney general (Reported)
R -v- N.P. – Multi-handed £3.5 million Mortgage fraud with complex Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings
R -v- P.G. – An allegation of sexual grooming by a member of staff
R -v- J.G. – This involved an allegation of Breach of Sexual Offences Prevention Order. The client had complex mental health issues which surfaced during this case.


R -v- J.F. – Large scale VAT fraud, where it was alleged that the client was part of an organised group making Vodka on an industrial scale.
R -v- S.J. – The Crown alleged in this case that the client was involved in a string of robberies.
R -v- R.S. – Allegation of kidnapping and blackmail.
R -v- S.V. – The client was charged with offences arising out of a domestic context, including grievous bodily harm, arson and witness intimidation.
R -v- P.B. – An allegation of Aggravated burglary where injuries amounted to grievous bodily harm on the victim.
R -v- V.G. – The client was charged and tried for attempted murder. She was acquitted in relation to the attempted murder charge but convicted of a robbery.
R -v- S.D. – An allegation of murder on his wife, who he married whilst in prison.


R -v- J.B. – Allegation of Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, Possession of Firearms with ammunition and silencers. Our client was acquitted while co-defendants were convicted.
R -v- D.C. – Conspiracy to kidnap, blackmail and false imprisonment. The jury in this case were unable to reach a verdict.
R -v- L.W. – Judicial Review of decision of Crown Court judge following appeal against conviction to the Crown Court- reported
R -v- P.T. – Allegation of a savage sexual assault on two women. The client received a sentence of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) in due course.